How to install Tesla Model 3 automatic frunk

Total time: about 1 hour
The installation's difficulty level is moderate. You might want to read through the following intensive guide first to have a better sense of flow and cautions.

Step 1: Remove Frunk Shell

Take off the upper cover and funnel; Remove 7 bolts;

Step 2: Remove original struts and install new struts

Replace the struts

Step 3: Install motor

Put double sided tape on the motor

Step 4: Remove original spring and attach new latch

Replace the latch with new parts

Step 5: Feed emergency cable through tow hook opening

The emergenc cable allows you manually open the frunk in case out of power.

Step 6: Attach the cable

Wire up the cables.

Step 7: Connect to 12v power and ground

Get power from the battery and connect to ground.

Step 8: Connect wire to control box

Wire management and connect to control box.

Step 9: Calibrate

Put the frunk shell back and tight all bolts up. Pull down the frunk lid to calibrate. You can adjust the mode as well.

Let's take a look at some videos: (More Tesla automatic frunk installation videos)

  • The fantastic video from Eric:
  • Better wiring video from Frugal Tesla Guy